What does BIPV mean?

BIPV stands for Building-Integrated Photovoltaics, or solar shingles.

Is RGS Energy licensed to install solar shingles?

RGS Energy and partnering dealers are fully licensed. A list of our licenses can be found on our website.

How are POWERHOUSE™ Shingles performing?

Since we are the authorized company providing warranty work the Dow Chemical Company, we are seeing POWERHOUSE™ Shingles performing as expected and have yet to see any of these solar shingles fail prior to their warranty period.

Are the solar shingles working and have they been installed before?

The first system was installed in Ann Arbor Michigan, at a size of 4.6kW. Over 1,000 solar shingle systems have been installed. Unlike the competition, our solar shingles have been in the marketplace and installed on homes previously. RGS Energy is the current authorized dealer, exclusive licensee, and does all warranty work for the POWERHOUSE™ systems produced and installed by the Dow Chemical Company.

How long can I expect the roof to last and what is the warranty?

The RGS POWERHOUSE™ 3.0 Solar Shingle is similar in construction to a regular asphalt shingle and is manufactured to last as long as a traditional roof. The roof has a 25-year warranty and solar cells have a 10-year warranty.

Do solar shingles qualify for incentives or subsidies?

There are currently several incentives in states that offer them for solar. The 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit for solar applies to the cost of the POWERHOUSE™ solar shingle materials, associated solar energy equipment, as well as the cost of any storage solution. To receive the full tax credit, you must have federal income tax liability that is at least equal to the value of the tax credit. This credit may be carried over to future tax years. Additional state, local, or utility solar incentives may apply bur are not included in your calculation.

How much do POWERHOUSE™ solar shingles cost?

The average system size and average roof size vary depending on location. The costs include materials, installation, and the removal of the customer’s existing roof. Taxes and permit fees may be included costs. Additional construction costs such as significant structural upgrades, gutter replacement, or skylight replacements, will not be included in the pricing. The price of a roof is based on the estimated roof square footage for the home (from provided software) and the portion of your roof that will be covered with solar shingles. Each solar shingle represents about 60 watts.

When are POWERHOUSE™ solar shingles available?

The first POWERHOUSE™ system was installed in Ann Arbor, Michigan, at 4.6kW. More than 1,000 solar shingle roofing systems have been installed since that time. We are taking reservations now in our office and on our website. We expect these solar shingles to be in production and ready to install in 2018.

Will POWERHOUSE™ solar shingles available in my state?

RGS Energy will first launch POWERHOUSE™ 3.0 Solar Shingles in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Texas. We will expand from there and expect to offer solar shingles in all 50 states.

How does POWERHOUSE™ compare to other solar shingles?

Our solar shingle solution is more cost-effective, priced competitively for all budgets, and boasts better efficiency. Unlike other competition, POWERHOUSE™ solar shingles have been installed on over 1,000 homes.

Why is RGS Energy offering solar shingles now?

New technology innovation takes place every day and our customers are looking for newer ways to become environmentally responsible. The POWERHOUSE™ solar shingle has 12 patents and more than 25 patents pending its technology. We can now offer a solution to homeowners who need to re-roof, whereas previously we had stricter criteria when offering a traditional solar panel system. A homeowner will get a new roof and a solar power generating system in one integrated solution – a total roofing solution.

Why RGS Energy?

RGS Energy was previously selected by the Dow Chemical Company to be the official warranty service provider for Dow POWERHOUSE™ systems. Our knowledge and experience, our involvement with servicing the solar shingle systems, and our company mission make us the perfect choice to continue providing this energy solution to homes and businesses.

Where are the solar shingles made?

POWERHOUSE™ 3.0 Solar Shingles are designed and assembled in the U.S.A.

How durable are POWERHOUSE™ solar shingles?

The 3.0 Solar Shingle is built to withstand winds up to 150 mph and hail as large as 25mm. POWERHOUSE™ has earned certifications for performance and safety, offering an exceptional level of quality and durability.