Homeowners: Here’s How To Plan Your Solar Shingle System

Do you want to reduce or eliminate your utility bills? Do you want to help protect the environment? You’re not alone. Homeowners across the nation are making the switch to solar, and they’re doing so to achieve energy independence while reducing their overall carbon footprint. Are you ready to install a solar roof on your home? In this post, RGS POWERHOUSE™ shares the steps to plan your solar shingle system effectively so that you can save money and get the solar energy system you want.

Your Solar Shingle Plan

At first, it may seem overwhelming to make the switch to solar power; it’s a process. Would you feel more comfortable buying a POWERHOUSE™ 3.0 solar shingle system if you knew how to plan for it in the first place? Here are the seven steps to plan your switch to solar:

Step #1 – Audit The Energy Efficiency Of Your Home

Most homeowners that start shopping for solar shingles start with solar companies. They forget to audit their own homes for ways they can save on energy costs before they even make the switch. Granted, we want you to make the switch to solar for the environmental and lifestyle reasons, but we want you to buy the right shingle system, too.

Work with a professional to get an energy efficiency audit of your home. This will let you know how you can shore up your house to make the most out of the energy you’re currently utilizing.

Step #2 – Determine Solar Energy Potential

Once you have your energy audit completed, you will know where you can improve your home’s efficiency. Next, you want to determine how much solar energy your home could produce if you had a solar shingle system installed. In most cases, a solar shingle installer will be able to examine your roof and your energy-use data to determine the best solar roof for your lifestyle.

Step #3 – Research Solar Energy System Options

Do you want solar roofing tiles, solar panels, or solar shingles? Each has its own pros and cons. At RGS POWERHOUSE™, we believe in our 3.0 solar shingle system. It produces enough clean energy to power a home and its appliances, as well as adds a visually stunning aesthetic to the home that other solar options do not provide. Once you decide which solar option may be right for you, it’s time to estimate your energy needs.

Step #4 – Estimate Your Energy-Use Needs

How much electricity did you use last year annually? Are you on pace to use more or less this year? You can discover how much energy you used last year from your utility billing statements. This information will inform the size of the solar shingle system you need to properly power your home. You should also share this with the solar shingle installer, whether a roofer or a homebuilder, you decide to hire.



Step #5 – Get Site Assessments And Obtain Bids

Now that you know how you can improve your home’s energy efficiency, how much electricity you use in a year, and which solar power option you would like to install, you can approach solar companies for two things, a site assessment and a project bid. You’re now looking for which solar shingle installer will fit your needs as a homeowner, and which will offer you a fair price for the completion of the project. Compare the bids you get to see which is the best choice for you.

Step #6 – Research The Federal Tax Credit and Local Tax Incentives

Did you know that the federal government offers what’s called a federal investment tax credit to homeowners who install solar energy systems on their property? You can get up to a 30 percent credit toward your entire solar shingle system. This greatly reduces what your system costs.

Also, do some research in your area for state tax incentives for your solar power system. In a majority of cases, your county or state will provide incentives for making the switch to solar. This, again, reduces the total cost of your solar shingle system once it’s installed.

Step #7 – Hire A Solar Shingle Installer

Now that you have your plan and finances in place, you can hire a solar shingle installer to get started on your project. This process involves reviewing the bids you received and making a choice.

Ready to make the switch to solar power? Submit your information online to learn more about the RGS POWERHOUSE™ 3.0 solar shingle system, today!

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