How Roofers Sell More With 3 Simple Questions

Do you want to make more money per project? Are you racing to the bottom with your competitors on price but deliver more value than them? As a roofer in your area, it can be frustrating to sell your projects and shingle products for less each and every time you show up to bid one. That’s why in this post, RGS POWERHOUSE™ wants to share with you three powerful questions to upselling homeowners on products and services they need without being sleazy or salesy.

The Art of The Upsell

Did you know that you have more than a 60 percent chance to sell services or products to existing customers than you do to the 12 percent chance with new customers?

What does this mean for roofers? It means that you have an opportunity after building a relationship with a customer, selling them on a roof repair or installation, and fulfilling your promise to create opportunities for upsells.

Your goal is to help your customers solve problems and relieve pain points with your services.

What is an upsell?

The upsell is the equivalent of asking, “Would you like fries with that?” If that phrase sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve probably been asked that at your local McDonald’s, which banked the business millions off that one casual question following the initial order. You can do the same with your roofing services and products.

The Multi-Million Dollar Question

You can use a similar question to sell additional services to your customers once they commit to the initial purchase. For example, a homeowner is ready to sign a contract with you for a brand new asphalt roof. Before you give them the pen to sign, you can simply ask, “Do you want gutters with your new roof?”

Granted, you will probably get told no a lot, but it costs you next to nothing to ask. If a customer says yes, you increase the total profit on the job with very little extra work.

Think of your primary roofing services and how you can add a “would you like… with that?” question to them.

You may be wondering where you implement these “would you like… with that?” questions in your sales pitch. It’s quite simple. Ask your customers questions that relate to your services and listen for problems you can solve.

For example, you can ask a potential roofing customer if they have noticed any water pooling near their foundation around their home.

If they say, “I’m not sure,” you can walk them around the property and show them the signs of water eroding their foundation. Then you can ask if they would like gutters with their new roof.

If they say, “Yes, I do.” You can then ask your question, “Would you like gutters with your new roof?”

Guide Your Customer Toward A Purchase

As a roofing contractor, you are the expert in all things roofing. However, you want to simply ask questions. It’s common to believe that the person who speaks the most in a conversation is in control of the conversation. This isn’t entirely true.

The person who guides the conversation is the one in control. This means that if you’re asking questions, you’re guiding your customer to the eventual decision to buy your services and/or products.

When you ask questions, you allow your customer to paint the picture of their problems in their own words. They tap into their own worries and emotions to explain to you what they need.

Then, you simply ask, “If I can make your roof stop leaking, and it’s within your budget, when would you like me to start your project?”

Using this simple framework addresses two major hurdles for homeowners. The first hurdle is the problem they have with their roof. The second hurdle is price. Finally, you give them something to do, which is consider when you start fixing their problem.

This single question can move many clients that need your services from hesitant to ready to purchase in a matter of minutes.

Ask For Referrals

There are two outcomes to every sales meeting. The client either says yes or no. Either answer gives you an opportunity to still make money.

For example, you just completed a project for a customer. They’re excited that you installed their new roof and gutters so quickly, and they are ecstatic that it was within their allotted budget. Overall, you delivered a fantastic experience to this customer.

Now, you have an opportunity to create opportunities for more business with this one client, and all you have to do is ask one question: “Do you know anyone else that could use my services?”

Another example: You complete a roof inspection for a potential customer, and you provide them with information that shows them they need a new roof, if they want to protect their home effectively. Unfortunately, your potential customer says no to your offer.

Ask them one final question: “Do you know anyone else that could use services?”

Why does this question work? If you’ve built a relationship with your potential customer before asking this question, you will find that, whether they want your services or not, they are more likely to refer you to someone they know who does, because you helped them up to this point.

This creates business opportunities for you without doing more legwork to get new leads through inspections or estimates.

The Three Money-Making Questions

  • “Would you like… with that?”
  • “If I can… your roof and keep the price within your budget, when can I get started on your project?”
  • “Do you know of anyone that could use my services?”

Ready To Add Solar Shingles To Your Roofing Products?

At RGS POWERHOUSE™, we work with roofers all over the nation. Our mission is to help you make more with each project, protect the environment, and help homeowners find energy independence from the volatile energy market as it stands today.

Your roofing business is reliant on you providing top-notch services, making effective upsells, and growing it. We want to help you help your customers. One way you can add more profits to each project is offering to install solar shingles alongside new asphalt shingles. It’s as easy as asking if someone wants an energy-dependent home.

Contact RGS POWERHOUSE™ today to become a professional installer of our 3.0 solar shingles in your area.

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