How Roofers Use A Sales Ladder To Sell More Per Project

The roofing industry is extremely competitive. Entirely project can receive anywhere between one and one-dozen bids. How are you supposed to compete with all the roofing contractors in your area on top of the corporate companies that span regions or the entire nation? It’s tough as a roofing contractor to win customers. In this post, RGS POWERHOUSE™ will share what a sales ladder is and how it can help roofers make more money per project. In fact, whether you want to install solar roofing tiles or solar shingles, you can use this information to help grow your business. 

What Is A Sales Ladder?

When you think of a ladder, it has rungs. You probably use ladders when you repair or install roofs for your clients. Imagine each rung on your ladder as a service. At each rung, a service is offered. In most service ladders, the services tend to increase in price and complexity as your customers climbs it. You want to setup your roofing services and products on a service ladder so that you can guide customers up the ladder and upsell more profit with each project.

The Sales Ladder

First, you want to take a look at your sales process. How do you approach new clients? What is your process for starting the conversation about money? Ultimately, you want to create what’s called a “sales ladder” to guide your customers up so that they can purchase more from you.

The sales ladder needs to be created so that you take your customers from pain to satisfaction with the use of your roofing services.

For example, a homeowner submits a form through your website online to get a free roofing inspection. You go out and complete the roofing inspection. While speaking to the homeowner about their roof, this is a perfect moment to discuss any damage or repairs that need to be addressed.

Naturally, a roof inspection is the first rung on the sales ladder. It’s free, and it gets customers in the door.

The second step can be a project estimate for a new roof or a roof repair. This is either the conversation after the inspection, or it’s the estimate you send within 48 hours of the inspection.

The third step on the ladder would be to provide a roof installation or repair service to the customer. At this step, you can upsell your customer on a more durable, reliable type of asphalt shingle, too.

Your final rung on your sales ladder can be to offer solar shingles with a new asphalt roof, which opens up an entirely new sales ladder for solar installation and maintenance.

Depending on your customer’s needs, you can include various other roofing services you may offer like gutters, insulation, soffit, fascia, and more. It’s important to remember that your sales ladder is addressing your customers’ problems at each stage of their customer journey through the market.

For example, a customer calls you out for a roof inspection. You report that they need to repair the flashing and asphalt roof shingles around their chimney. Initially, the customer had the problem that they did not know their roof needed to be repaired. You solved that problem and presented a new problem: Their roof needs to be repaired. You also have a solution to their problem, which is the next step on your service ladder, to repair their roof.

As you discover your customer’s problems, your service ladder guides them toward the solutions using your roofing business services.

Distinguish Your Roofing Business From The Competitors

What if you offer the same services as every other roofer in the area? How do you make yourself stand out when it comes down to winning more customers? You provide top-tier service, high-quality materials, and craftsmanship guarantees, but so does every other roofing contractor. Here’s how you distinguish yourself from the competition:

  • Beat them on price
  • Offer roofing services none of the others offer
  • Foster relationships with your customers to generate high-quality referrals
  • Send handwritten “thank-you” notes to satisfied customers
  • Create a customer community around your roofing business

Ready To Add Solar Shingles To Your Roofing Products?

At RGS POWERHOUSE™, we work with roofers all over the nation. Our mission is to help you make more with each project, protect the environment, and help homeowners find energy independence from the volatile energy market as it stands today.

Your roofing business is reliant on you providing top-notch services, making effective upsells, and growing it. We want to help.

Contact RGS POWERHOUSE™ today to become a professional installer of our 3.0 solar shingles.

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